Managing Director of Intermediary Communications, Peter Boyes, chats to NZ Business Magazine about why social media should be incorporated into every company's PR strategy and how it can have a positive impact on their bottom line.

'The rise of social media through the Internet means that every company has the potential to be a media company,' explains Peter. 'But to do that successfully means cultivating originality, honesty and transparency in your communications.

'It's not just about getting noticed, it's about being heard and that's tied crucially to being credible in what you say. This is where public relations is uniquely placed to help you master the new marketing universe.'

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Oasis Beauty NZ, one of New Zealand’s up and coming health and beauty companies, is launching a campaign to educate customers about the benefits of using sunscreens containing natural ingredients. As part of the campaign the company is bringing back its Oasis Sun SPF30 60ml travel size sunscreens in a new look pack. The return of the broad spectrum sunscreen is supported by the development of a bright new counter merchandising unit for stockists. Both the sunscreen and the units will be officially launched on Sunday, 30th August at the Spring Gift Fair trade show in Auckland.

Stephanie Kimpton, one of the founders of Oasis Beauty, says: ‘A lot of people might believe that if a sunscreen is not stuffed with exotic sounding chemicals, it won’t provide as much protection as a product which is full of natural and organic ingredients. This is simply not true,’ explains Stephanie. ‘As an example, Oasis Sun is endorsed by well-known international mountaineer, Marty Schmidt who used it last year during one of his ascents of Mt Everest. According to Marty, he and his team were the only ones who weren’t sporting fried skin by the time they reached base camp!’

Oasis Sun contains certified organic jojoba oil, shea butter, non-GMO natural vitamin E and certified organic soya lecithin as natural UV blockers that also moisturise against wind, water and sunlight. The fact that it is pH balanced, uncoloured, and un-fragranced and paraben free means it can be used by very young children and individuals with sensitive skin.

'Our daughter has suffered from dry skin and chemical reactions since birth,’ says one Oasis Sun convert, Jennifer Purvis. ‘We’ve been able to find other skin care products for her but sunscreen evaded us. Everything we tried left her red, dry, scaly and itchy. Eventually, we came across Oasis Sun and it worked perfectly. No rashes, no scales, no itchy skin and best of all, no sunburn.’
RRP for Oasis Sun is $16.80 and the sunscreen can be purchased at a variety of retailers across both the North and South Islands. A list of stockists can be found at

Oasis Sun can also be bought online through the Oasis Beauty website.