Plunge in enterprise births threatens ‘employment backwater’, bank warns

New Zealand risks becoming an “employment backwater” unless more is done to help people turn ideas into new businesses that will create jobs, the country’s largest business lender has warned.

Fred Ohlsson, Managing Director of ANZ Business Banking, says business ideas needed to boost employment and growth risk dying off as official figures* show that business start-ups have plunged to their lowest level since at least 2000.
Business ‘deaths’ have outnumbered ‘births’ for the past three years meaning the total number of enterprises has been falling since 2009.

ANZ moved to highlight the issues as it announced a new $500 million package to support new business start-ups.

Mr Ohlsson says: “It is alarming that nearly 30,000 fewer businesses were born last year than in 2004, yet new enterprises are the key to creating jobs. If we’re serious about getting unemployment down in New Zealand we must do all we can to boost business start- ups.
“Today’s backyard entrepreneur can be tomorrow’s market leader, hiring hundreds along the way. But these people need help to take their ideas beyond the garage and on to success in the marketplace. Without it, more great ideas will die and New Zealand risks becoming an employment backwater,” Mr Ohlsson says.
“It has always been a big leap to turn an idea into a viable business but the challenges appear to be mounting. Start-ups tell us one of their toughest tests is finding the right support: both the capital to get started, and the advice and tools to put a new venture on a sustainable footing.”
ANZ’s new start-up package is designed to make it quicker and easier for start-ups to secure the funding and advice they need to get viable businesses off the ground.

ANZ business start-up package
  • A dedicated fund of at least $500 million over two years for new lending to support business start-ups across New Zealand
  • Streamlined process making it quicker and easier for those with viable business plans to secure start-up funding
  • No transaction fees for the first year on your ANZ Business Current Account
  • Free workshops across New Zealand, open to customers and non-customers with new
    business ideas
  • An online resource centre with free information and advice covering each stage of
    starting a business – available at
“Small firms with one to 20 staff are the engine room of the New Zealand economy, accounting for 90 per cent of businesses and one in three jobs. Our business start-up package reflects ANZ’s commitment to enterprise and is an investment in New Zealand’s economic future,” Mr Ohlsson says.

* Statistics New Zealand: NZ Business Demography Statistics 2012. This records 40,690 new enterprise ‘births’ in New Zealand, a fall of 11.2 per cent on the previous year. This was the lowest birth rate since comparable data was first collected in 2000. There were 469,120 enterprises in total, down by 0.8 per cent on the previous year.


4 pm 15th May 2013
Eden Park Function Centre
Toyota Signature Class reinvented the second hand car market in New Zealand by setting a standard of refurbishment and quality assurance that gave a new meaning to buying a used car.
From a standing start in 1998 Toyota New Zealand turned its sole remaining plant at Thames into a refurbishment centre for the resale of used vehicles, designated as Signature Class.
A vital part of the success of Signature Class was combining the Toyota way with ISO certification and management systems.
At a special seminar presentation on 15th May at the Eden Park Function Centre, Auckland, Peter Manning manager Thames Vehicle Operations Toyota will explain how the Signature Class success story was founded on redefining industry standards and generating greater profitability.
At the meeting sponsored by Telarc, the country's leading ISO Standards certifying body, Peter will show how ISO certification and management systems can give your company a competitive advantage and make it more profitable.

He’ll look at how Toyota Signature Class benefited from working with Telarc to achieve accreditation including:

·      Reduced running costs
·      Environmental management systems that save money by ensuring the efficient use of resources
·      Stakeholder reassurance and industry compliance
·      Improved employee engagement
·      Improved public image
·      Marketing and advertising advantage
·      More effective risk management
·      Attracting new clients

Refreshments provided so mix and mingle afterwards.

Seats are limited. Entry is by reserved ticket only. Click here to register (insert link to page)

Please contact Amanda King, Sales Administrator

DDI:        +64 9 580 6752
Fax:        +64 9 525 1900

Putting business back into the community

  • Business Mentors can't wait to give others a helping hand

    22:01 PM
    By Peter Boyes
    I became a business mentor because I wanted to put something back into the local economy and community. On top of that, I knew I would get a real buzz from helping people move forwards with their businesses. Often, all small business owners need is a fresh perspective from someone independent of the company. That’s one of the unique benefits of the Business Mentors New Zealand programme – experienced businesspeople sharing what they’ve learned with up and coming companies, freely on a voluntary basis. There is no cost other than a $150 registration fee to cover administrative set up.
    I am the managing director of Boyes Public Relations, an award winning communications and branding consultancy, but I also provide on a voluntary basis marketing strategy advice to organisations such as Howick Little Theatre, the Gay Auckland Business Association and Business Mentors New Zealand. I’m also a former regional chairman of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand and a member of the UK Medical Journalists’ Association. I became a mentor about three years ago, after working with Business Mentors New Zealand in an advisory role for some years. My main focus is assisting clients with their marketing and general business management skills.
    Business Mentors New Zealand is a fully funded service of Business in the Community. It has over 1,950 knowledgeable volunteer mentors, all of whom are willing to share their skills, expertise and experience with small and medium sized business owners. Most mentors are either not available to SMEs on a commerical basis or would be far too expensive to retain. It’s another of the unique aspects of the Business Mentors programme – access to unrivalled expertise not available anywhere else in New Zealand. Even though I have a busy commerical life I enjoy a special satisfaction in getting stuck into my volunteer mentoring role.
    All of the clients that I am mentoring are extremely motivated and are excited about taking their businesses to the next stage. They are very open to new ideas on how to maximise their business’s potential which makes for a great working relationship.
    I spend between an hour and four hours a month with each client. Each mentor is different in how much time they spend with their clients but every one of them will use her own extensive experience in marketing, finance and business strategy to provide a valuable outside perspective, offer advice on specific problems and help each company pinpoint potential areas for growth. The long, in depth experience common to Business Mentors New Zealand mentors means they are able to help business owners avoid some common pitfalls and mistakes. One thing a lot of SMEs have issues with is business planning. Often, a business owner will have spent so many hours working in the business, focusing on the day-to-day tasks, that they won’t have taken the time to step back and think about where they’re going. Having someone come in from outside the company enables them to see their business from a different point of view. They can take a moment to consider what they want to achieve and how they’re going to get there.
    It’s also important that the plan is written down on paper and updated regularly. Many business owners make the mistake of keeping any business strategy they might have in their head. Having it in a solid form keeps people focused.
    Working for a wide range of business sectors in New Zealand and abroad over the past thirty years I’ve learned that planning ahead is something many businesses tend to overlook. They put off even attempting it because they just don’t know where to start. However, it’s important to have something in place, even if it’s the most basic option of a three or four page business plan.
    Despite juggling a number of work commitments along with the mentoring, volunteer mentors get great enjoyment out of helping their clients succeed and I recommend mentoring to anyone who is knowledgeable in business, has empathy for others and a willingness to help others do well.
    The Business Mentors service is a great resource for SMEs. I’m proud to be involved and every day I find it a hugely constructive learning experience, for both me and my clients which transfers into, enhances and informs my commercial activities.

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor or think your business could benefit from having a mentor, visit our website at The site provides information on the programme, case studies and has an exclusive support area for mentors. Peter Boyes is Managing Director of Boyes PR and Communications Adviser to Business Mentors New Zealand.


Oasis Beauty, New Zealand’s leading expert in sensitive skin and sun protection has reformulated its popular Green Tea Eye and Lip Cream.

Oasis Beauty founder Stephanie Evans says: `We’ve managed to squeeze some very special new potent things in. Organic cucumber and manuka honey to soothe, arnica to minimise dark circles and hyaluronic acid to smoothen fine lines.’

All the extras don’t mean a price rise. Oasis Green Tea Eye and Lip Cream costs the same $34.95 it’s been for the last 4 years and a pot lasts for a long time.

Stephanie explains: `Eye and lip skin tissue is much finer than the rest of the skin on the face and, therefore, is more susceptible to ageing quickly. Regular use of this speciality cream will protect, soothe and repair these delicate areas. I even think it's made my eyelashes longer.’
  • Suitable for eyes and lips
  • Soothes sensitive skin and sore eyes with cucumber and honey
  • Hydrates and protects with vitamin E, calendula and rosehip
  • Minimizes dark circles with arnica
  • Smoothens fine lines with hyaluronic acid
  • Protects from premature ageing with green tea
  • Makes eyelashes longer and stronger!
Active naturals: Green tea, vitamin E, organic rosehip, organic calendula, organic manuka honey, hyaluronic acid, arnica, cucumber

Cruelty free, uncoloured, no harsh chemicals & paraben free

Email for a free sample.
More information can be found at, along with a list of outlets stocking Oasis Beauty products.
About Oasis Beauty:
Oasis Beauty manufactures sun and skin care products in New Zealand from ethical, natural and certified organic ingredients combined with high vitamin contents. All Oasis Beauty products are suitable for sensitive skin and are available both online and through pharmacies and health stores nationwide. Oasis Beauty supports the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).