According to the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, paying attention to posture could give job seekers the winning edge as they search for employment this year. New research has revealed that adopting a confident ‘expansive’ stance can have a deciding influence on whether or not an interviewee lands a coveted job role.

Three studies conducted by Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University found that posture matters more than hierarchical role and can make a person think and act in a more powerful way. They discovered that in an interview situation, an interviewee's posture not only conveys confidence and leadership but the person actually thinks and acts more powerfully.

‘It is believed that when a person carries themselves positively, opens up their body and takes up more space they feel more confident and powerful, regardless of their actual rank in an organisation,’ explains Dr. Hayden Thomas, chiropractor and spokesman for the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association.

‘Unfortunately, many people get into the habit of not holding themselves correctly and they slouch or roll their shoulders forward. This is a ‘constrictive’ or ‘closed’ posture and makes individuals look more submissive, less confident and not as capable of leadership.’

Thankfully, there are a number of actions that can be taken to make sure a person’s posture gives the right impression on interview day.

‘Targeted exercises are one of the best ways to correct bad posture,’ says Dr. Thomas. ‘It only takes around three minutes a day to help improve spinal health and posture, which isn’t a huge time commitment. The Straighten Up New Zealand campaign is especially effective with each exercise designed to help the participant develop strong postural muscles. Other causes of bad posture include the wrong height chair and desk at work, obesity and, for women, spending too much time in high heels. Remedying each of these will lead to improved spinal health, which will make maintaining good posture easier and more comfortable.’

‘When you are heading into the interview remind yourself to walk tall with your head up, chest raised and shoulders back,’ adds Dr. Thomas. ‘Once seated, keep your legs and arms uncrossed and sit up straight, with your back relaxed against the back of the chair. Along with making you feel less tense, this positive posture will give the interviewee exactly the right first impression as well.’

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Glendowie Care Chemist and Otahuhu Care Chemist in Auckland have become the latest stores to join Care Chemist, bringing New Zealand’s fastest growing community pharmacy group to 27.

Behzed Eghdamian, owner of both new Care Chemists explains: ‘I have liked the Care Chemist concept since I first heard about it and I’m glad that I have been given the opportunity to become a part of it. I have always believed that pharmacies should be an integral part of the local community. People should recognise their pharmacist and feel comfortable enough to come in and ask questions about healthcare and medicine management.

‘I was also attracted to the way Care Chemist looks after its pharmacists, especially the strong marketing support that they put behind the stores,’ adds Behzed. ‘I’m looking forward to raising the profile of Glendowie and Otahuhu Care Chemist, and raising awareness in the area about who we are and what we do.’

Care Chemist spokesperson, Anthony Yee, says: ‘We are thrilled that Behzed has decided to bring two of his pharmacies into the network. Behzed and his team bring an enormous amount of expertise and experience to the group. We’re looking forward to supporting him with his new business endeavour and helping him provide the local community with a superior professional healthcare service.’

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Well known fitness magazine, NZ Multisport, published a full page feature on SUB Football in their January 2011 issue. Check it out when you get chance- available from all good magazine stores, stationary shops etc