Soul Beverages, a New Zealand owned non-alcoholic cocktail company, has featured on the well known blog 'Underground Mainsteam.' In the article, written by journalist Angelique Jurd, co-founder Geoff Hunt talks about how the brand came about, what his plans are for the future, and his desire to break into the Australian market.

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Soul also featured in the latest issue of the Sunday Star Times- in their well read 'Food/The Pantry' section.


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, Care Chemist, the country’s fastest growing community pharmacy group has launched a travel checklist to help New Zealanders put together their summer first aid kit.

Using the holiday travel checklist, customers will be able to tick off what they already have and then bring the list into their local pharmacy for the remaining items. Care Chemists will be on hand throughout the holiday season to answer questions and to advise on which items are essential for certain destinations.

‘A well stocked portable first aid kit is vitally important so you can take care of minor injuries as they occur as well as being better prepared to manage something more major,’ explains Care Chemist spokesperson, Tania Adams. ‘Having a ready supply of first aid basics such as pain relief, hand sanitiser, bandages, sterile dressings, disposable gloves and antiseptic wipes, can make all the difference. Consider the things you might have to deal with at your travel destination and try to prepare accordingly. Having the tools to deal with minor illnesses or injury while on holiday in NZ or overseas, means you can get back to enjoying your holiday so much faster. Remember, as well as having a well stocked first aid kit, it’s just as important to protect yourself from the sun and pack plenty of sunscreen for everyone in the family. Tania also highlights the importance of packing enough of your prescription medication.

‘Don’t forget about your regular medications while you are away from home,’ says Tania. ‘Make sure you have enough for your time away plus allow for three extra days in case the unexpected happens. Also, bear in mind that if you are travelling abroad you should carry any prescription medication in your hand luggage, along with a copy of the prescription and a letter from your doctor. The letter should include the name of the medicine, the dosage, how much you need to travel with, and should state that the medicine is for your personal use. The best thing you can do is prepare everything a few weeks in advance. Being organised and getting everything you need beforehand will make your holiday much more fun and infinitely less stressful and if you need any advice just pop into your Care Chemist and we will be more than happy to help.’

The Care Chemist first aid travel checklist can be viewed by going to and typing ‘first aid travel checklist’ into the search bar.


According to Soul Beverages, a New Zealand owned premium soft drink brand specialising in sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails, there has been a huge increase in enquiries about adult soft drinks over the last two months, with interest rising as the festive season approaches. It is thought that initiatives such as the NZ Transport drink driving campaign have encouraged people to rethink their drink choices and look for alternative non-alcoholic options.

‘Drink driving is still a serious problem in this country,’ explains Geoff Hunt, Managing Director of Soul Beverages. ‘130 people die in a crash caused by a drink driver every year, and a further 2,000 are injured. I think that with all the hard hitting anti-drink driving advertisements on TV and alcohol education programmes, people are starting to take notice and are looking for ways to moderate their consumption. Non-alcoholic wine and beer, along with virgin cocktails are becoming more popular among people that want to avoid alcohol on occasion, if they are a designated driver for example, but still want the taste.’

Geoff doesn’t believe that there enough adult non-alcoholic choices available for New Zealanders who don’t want to drink and thinks there would be many more individuals prepared to be the sober driver in their group if the range was wider. ‘We thought the adult soft drink choices were a little dull, so launched the Soul Virgin Cocktails as an alternative to alcohol’

‘At a lot of parties and bars, the usual choice a non-drinker can expect to make is between orange juice and cola,’ says Geoff. ‘These aren’t exciting options and often people feel excluded if they’re not sipping an interesting drink. If, on the other hand, they have a sophisticated looking drink in their hand, they are much less likely to feel left out socially. If the drink is a virgin cocktail presented in a long stemmed glass or stylish bottle, no one else there will even realise they aren’t drinking alcohol.’

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