Family run South Island sun and skincare company, Oasis Beauty, is preparing to battle multi-million dollar natural skincare brand, Living Nature, in the courts over the look and feel of their trademark. Living Nature claims that the Oasis Beauty logo bears too close a resemblance to its own.

Stephanie Kimpton, who with her sister in law, Donna Evans, founded Oasis Beauty, says: ‘Our case is the latest in a string of big companies with corporate legal departments bullying small New Zealand enterprises. These proceedings have been dragged out for the past two years with Living Nature requesting multiple extensions of time. However, at the beginning of this year, we decided that enough is enough. We don’t want this hanging over our heads any longer.

‘There isn’t any similarity between our logo and theirs, apart from the fact that they are both round,’ adds Stephanie. ‘When we asked our email database if they had ever been confused between the Living Nature and Oasis Beauty products we received hundreds of emails saying that they had never mistaken either brand for the other. There will be no winners here, apart from the lawyers. We are not a threat to a large company like Living Nature. We’re just a small family-run business trying to produce organic and naturally inspired skincare products that we love using as much as our customers.’

Oasis Beauty manufactures professional sun and skin care products in New Zealand from ethical, natural and certified organic ingredients combined with high vitamin contents. All products are pH balanced, uncoloured and paraben free which means they are suitable for very young children and individuals with sensitive skin.

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Auckland car dealer, Andrew Simms European, will celebrate the New Zealand arrival of the 2010 World Rally Championship (WRC) with a glamorous, French themed ticket only event featuring an exclusive live interview with six times world rally champion S├ębastien Loeb.

The evening on Wednesday 5th May at Andrew Simms European showrooms in Newmarket will also feature the New Zealand release of the Limited Edition 2010 Citroen C4 by Loeb. The car is a special, superhot edition of its C4 hatch designed to honour the most successful driver in the history of the WRC.
On the night, a range of autographed rally memorabilia will be auctioned with proceeds going to Camp Quality, for children living with cancer,. The $25 entry ticket sales will also be donated to the children’s charity.

The evening will also feature other rally celebrities including members of the Andrew Simms Mitsubishi team. Guests will be entered into a draw for a day’s experience in a real rally car.

Andrew Simms says: `We’re delighted to be able to celebrate what might be the last time the WRC comes to New Zealand in the company of the finest driver ever to have taken part in the tournament. Our guests will get to preview this special edition C4 as well as enjoy French food, wine and music at what is guaranteed to be a great evening of entertainment for anyone who loves driving and cars as much as we do.’

About Andrew Simms European

General Manager of Ateco Automotive NZ Pty Ltd, the New Zealand Alfa Romeo, Citroen and Fiat importer, appointed Andrew Simms European to act as its Auckland representative last year because of the company’s professionalism, high standards of customer care and the success that they had already enjoyed with the Mitsubishi brand.

Andrew Simms, Managing Director of Andrew Simms European, invested $500,000 into his Newmarket based business, in order to accommodate the Alfa Romeo, Citroen and Fiat brands which he described as a perfect match for the company’s Mitsubishi business.
Andrew Simms European 770 square metre showrooms at the corner of Broadway and St Marks Road is matched by a service centre with an 18 bay workshop capable of simultaneously servicing 32 vehicles.

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A lack of good quality sleep can make people more prone to colds and flu as well as reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations according to Care Chemist. New Zealand’s fastest growing community pharmacy group has launched a nationwide campaign to draw attention to the health risks associated with not getting enough sleep over winter.

Care Chemist CEO, Nicolette McDonald believes that a large number of New Zealanders are still not aware of how a lack of sleep can negatively impact on their health, productivity at work and emotional wellbeing: ‘Research recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine journal in the United States has also shown that sleep deprivation can actually weaken a person’s immune system, meaning that they may have lower resistance to illnesses such as the flu and common cold. Obviously, this is not a position that anybody wants to be in coming into winter.’

She points out: ‘Sleep aid products are one of our fastest growing segments, demonstrating that more people are now aware of the importance of getting enough rest. However, a study by Massey University’s Sleep/Wake Research found that about a third of adults are sleep deprived and one in four has insomnia. These individuals are at a much higher risk of various health problems, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.’

According to Anthony Yee, owner of Care Chemist Northcote, there are a number of actions that can be taken to improve the length and quality of sleep.

‘It is important to get at least seven hours sleep every night,’ says Anthony. ‘Otherwise, your immune system may be compromised and you will be more vulnerable to illnesses. We recommend trying a more natural, holistic approach first. Quite often, people are struggling to sleep because they are stressed and their adrenal system has gone into overdrive. In these cases, simply increasing the amount of exercise may help as it releases stress-busting endorphins.

‘Supplements and herbal remedies can also be beneficial and don’t require a prescription. It is believed that natural products such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea can boost the immune system, reduce stress and consequently help with sleeplessness. Of course, if any cases of insomnia last for longer than a couple of weeks, you must go to the doctor as it could be a symptom of something more serious.’

As well as providing advice on getting an adequate amount of sleep, Care Chemist will also be offering winter immune boosting tips, flyers and special deals on sleep aid products in-store. A free self-care card, focusing specifically on sleep problems, is also available. On top of that, Care Chemists are always on hand to discuss any issues and possible solutions with their customers.

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