NZ Pilots Adopt Professional Standards Programme To Enhance Safety Margins

The New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association (NZALPA) has voted to adopt a Professional Standards Programme at its annual meeting in Auckland (19th June), in line with similar codes laid down by other professional groups such as those in medicine, dentistry, law and education.

According to NZALPA Medical and Welfare Director, Captain Herwin Bongers, the new programme is modelled on one run by ALPA International in the USA and Canada (PROSTAN) since 1956.

He explains: `The purpose of the programme is to promote and maintain the highest degree of professional conduct among NZALPA pilots, thereby enhancing the margin of safety in daily flight operations, which is our primary concern and responsibility. It will also protect and enhance the standing of our profession among the wider community.’

The NZALPA Professional Standards Programme consists of two elements; a set of Professional Standards and a Professional Standards Committee.

Captain Bongers adds: `For aviation professionals, the Standards outline expected professional behaviour. For the travelling public, the Standards describe what can be expected of a pilot during the performance of their professional duties.’